1 minutes of thin waist abdomen

ith the following set of movements.
Insist on doing every day,
can let the flat belly delivered from oppression! The details are as follows: A: tablet support + hip rotation around about 20 each action two: plate support + center 20 action three: move sideways support + pretty hip about 15 each action: four straight arm support plate jumping 20 movements: five straight arm support plate alternately around the 20 + body of knee action six: straight arm support plate + legs 20 dive: seven straight arm flat support + cross knee lift about 15 each action eight: straight arm tablet support + ipsilateral elbow knee around the more than 15 full set of exercises,
1-3 cycle training according to their physical condition.
After training,
you can take at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise,
such as