The 3 trick is that you don't lose face at a high sushi restaurant, and many Japanese don't know it

Japan sushi,
of course,
have to eat sushi and Japanese sauce ~ arrived when you love about friends to eat sushi shop,
because what is.
Who knows that fish in my heart the Japanese?? Don't break broken Japanese and can not understand what the table manners gobble down,
will not be at,
rotating sushi really is the Savior of our students!! In 2012 the American release of a film with the Japanese Michelin star Yahashi Jiro number sent as the background of the movie Jiro Dream of Shshi - Sushi God let Yahashi Jiro number send instantly become the world famous,
has become a celebrity to Japan when will go to the sushi shop.
Anne Hathaway,
the best sauce,
has also been to the United States when President Obama arrived in Japan,
where Prime Minister Andouble hosted him.
The world famous su