7 crazy figures behind the world's largest oil company

ring rlds eyes are on the worlds largest oil company,
Saudi Arabias state-owned oil company,
Saudi Aramco.
At present,
the oil giant is raising money for the listing,
in order to reduce the countrys excessive dependence on oil.
According to CNBC,
a small portion of Saudi Aramco will be listed early in 2017,
and its deal will focus on four stock markets: New York,
Hongkong and Saudi Arabias capital Riyadh.
It is worth noting that before the behemoth went public,
CNBC integrated 7 important figures so that we could learn more about the worlds largest oil company.
who has been actively promoting economic reform,
believes that Aramcos valuation is expected to exceed  trillion.
The figure is about four times the value of the Apple Corp,
and is five times the size of ExxonMobil,
the Wests largest oil producer.
But what is the value of Aramco,
and the market is also controversial.
Norway Lester tower (Rystad Energy) energy company,
senior partner of Per Magnus