Can not change things, can change mentality

ring  the signature life,
the things which cannot be changed,
can change the mentality.
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An inch of the heart,
benefit three points.
The heart is wide,
the road narrow mind.
Indisputable nature can get peoples respect,
can endure,
endure baian.
Busy is a kind of happiness,
so that we do not have time to experience pain; running is a pleasure,
let us truly feel life; fatigue is a kind of enjoyment,
so that we have no time to empty.
Sometimes the end must have life,
life in no time it.
Dont try to hard up for things that dont belong to you,
but try to give up in time.
Maybe you will get when you leave no stone unturned,
ever wanted and didnt get,
there will be an unexpected at this time.
The ideal is full,
the reality is very skinny.
Live in the present,
and dont waste your life in the past or in the future.
Coming by accident is inevitable.
So you have to revel unchanged unchanged.
the big thing,
tomorrow is a small matter; this year,