Concerned about the United States encourages Japan to steal China's anti intervention strategy

ring News Network reported on May 14th,
media said the tension in the East China Sea seems to be weakening.
the present situation may be misleading.
Although the number of waters surrounding Chinas maritime police invading Japans Senkaku Islands (i.
my Diaoyu Islands and affiliated Islands) seems to be decreasing,
the situation remains elusive in the present and foreseeable future.
According to the national interest bimonthly website on May 11th article,
not only China coast guard in the vicinity of the disputed islands enabled armed patrol boats,
and the peoples Liberation Army also continue to expand it in the East China sea naval and air forces on the high seas,
focusing on the outside of the western pacific.
In the peoples Liberation Army Navy is still trying to solve the fledgling carrier capacity at the same time,
the PLA has improved its ability to project power from Chinese,
military bases,
it has two major strategic objectives: first,
an emergency in the East Sea Chin