Long Yingtai's play is a fundamental weekend between scholarship

ring ng Yingtai one hundred hall aesthetics class,
let the children themselves in nature walk for a day; teach architectural design for one hundred hours,
let the students to touch a few old city; about one hundred literary writing skills,
let the writer in the market inside his trousers.
can be said to be the fundamental knowledge between heaven and earth.
Long Yingtai did not touch a tree bark,
smell fragrant flowers,
not entered the nature,
not through a city,
not at the market in the morning,
so how can a child grow up? These seemingly of no great importance experience and play,
maybe more than do a few exercises,
recite some poems more important.
Long Yingtai said,
children cant play,
thats weakness.
talk about Education - play,
is the basic knowledge between heaven and earth,
when it comes to play,
you know what? I dont think its a weakness to know how to play.
How can you tell? Xi Murong once said that if a child had not touched nature in his life,
such as touching the bark