May not be rich, but must be happy

elf: I can not perfect,
but must be true; I can not be rich,
but must be happy.
you cry,
life will not shed tears; you bitter,
life will not worry.
the unpleasant past,
in the corner of no man,
folding collection.
when you meet something,
you can see some people.
See clearly,
not necessarily break off,
but will not like before so unconditionally pay yourself.
The older you are,
the more you love yourself.
Do not hurt yourself,
who will hurt you,
we are from desperate to have reservations,
there is always someone slowly taught us to love ourselves.
you cannot make anyone love you,
but only try to make yourself a person worth loving,
and the rest depends on fate.
we are not on the same level,
you don't have to talk to each other so far across that cute.
Why try to face,