Twelve [] this weekend will sign

ring r was happy for him when he saw that the pink powder had been successfully installed! The special turn out to share his joy with you,
the teacher will help him to the temple vow,
thank Gods blessing! Hope to see this lucky witness,
all can wealth,
work smoothly! Today is the birthday of Shakya Muni Buddha,
also known as Buddha Festival,
please see article fourth: oh! Welcome to specify the source of teacher reprinted constellation Tarot eiffel! In addition,
this weekend with the moon in Leo,
you are inspired for fashionable dress,
change the appearance is particularly favorable,
while this weekend can buy new clothes,
new shoes,
or for other Haircut.
Want good luck,
go out also can wear perfume,
enhance a pheromone.
Now watch the weekend and Eiffel teacher sun,
rising sign,
Remember to remind your friends to keep an eye on them! Today,
the teacher arranges free divination of the money card in Sina micro-blog.
The person who wants to participate can enter the key wor