Why do people love self timer and live broadcast [Jingwei low-key production]

ring he Selfie (self timer) was selected as the Oxford Grand Dictionary,
becoming the annual vocabulary.
In 2014,
Time named self bar is the most great invention.
In the same year,
the most star - studded self - portraits came out at the 86 Oscar scene.
In 2015,
the Daily Telegraph reported that the death toll from the self timer was more than the shark attack - 12 people were killed,
and the shark attack killed only 8 people.
2016 went to the summer,
see the street so many beautiful people are beginning to align their PaPaPa (dont think),
we began to think,
self in the end is to satisfy the human what kind of psychology,
and is popular in the social platform? And now the live broadcast,
why the self timer has not been able to meet mankind,
human beings on the road to live broadcast? Dating back to history,
show itself originated from the artists self portrait.
With the development of photography,
electronic information and other technologies,
it gradually evolved into an art form.